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Hacker Proof Records

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Dick There have been 0 comments

Zappo, Fox News, Apple, Citibank and even the CIA are some of the organizations that have been “hacked” recently. Vital and private records have been compromised.

Hacker proof files.

Patient's Medical records, legal matters, when kept in folders, cannot be invaded by computer hackers from the outside. No one, no matter how evilly clever, can use a computer to break into a physical file folder.

Computers are very fast. But the interface is only as fast as the user. Think about the steps required. Log in, select or type your user name then type your password. Enter the File name, or number.  Browse to the desired page to read or update: Progress notes, Blood pressure history, Medications? Vital stats? Age. Weight. A fastener equipped and color coded folder with subject index tab pages is  much faster.

But wait, there's more! Purple 1 divder pressboard folderFolders with hinged dividers called classification folders have built-in dividers with fasteners on each side. Because these folders are made with tough Tyvek hinges they lay flat when open. Another option is to add 'DuoTab' index dividers with printing and fasteners on both sides to basic fastener folders. Printing on the tab describes the contents on that side. They are made to order and work very well.

With either method, the folder will lie flat open to the right page. In each category of contents the newest page will be on top.

Manila Classification Folders Reinforced Top Tab 1 Division Letter 10/Box

If you have read this far, you probably have a filing issue that can be helped with divided file folders. Manila folders start here. Heavy weight pressboard styles are here.

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