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  • Lower Prices on Carton Sized Purchases of File Folders

    Posted on February 10, 2012 by Dick

    Buy top quality folders in carton or greater quantities and save.

    All folders are manilla end tab style with metal fasteners.

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  • Hacker Proof Records

    Posted on January 17, 2012 by Dick

    Zappo, Fox News, Apple, Citibank and even the CIA are some of the organizations that have been “hacked” recently. Vital and private records have been compromised.

    Hacker proof files.

    Patient's Medical records, legal matters, when kept in folders, cannot be invaded by computer hackers from the outside. No one, no matter how evilly clever, can use a computer to break into a physical file folder.

    Computers are very fast. But the interface is only as fast as the user. Think about the steps required. Log in, select or type your user name then type your password. Enter the File name, or number.  Browse to the desired page to read or update: Progress notes, Blood pressure history, Medications? Vital stats? Age. Weight. A fastener equipped and color coded folder with subject index tab pages is  much faster.

    But wait, there's more! Purple 1 divder pressboard folderFolders with hinged dividers called classification folders have built-in dividers with fasteners on each side. Because these folders are made with tough Tyvek hinges they lay flat when open. Another option is to add 'DuoTab' index dividers with printing and fasteners on both sides to basic fastener folders. Printing on the tab describes the contents on that side. They are made to order and work very well.

    With either method, the folder will lie flat open to the right page. In each category of contents the newest page will be on top.

    Manila Classification Folders Reinforced Top Tab 1 Division Letter 10/Box

    If you have read this far, you probably have a filing issue that can be helped with divided file folders. Manila folders start here. Heavy weight pressboard styles are here.

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  • Seeing Promise and Peril in Digital Health Records

    Posted on July 17, 2011 by Dick

    The New York Times has a story about government efforts to improve and standardize the contents and formats of digital or electronic medical records.

    We have press board folders with zero, one or three dividers at special prices. Click here to see. More folders without dividers are here.




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  • Scanning Old Documents

    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Dick

    The Los Angeles Times has an in depth story about several document scanning programs ranging from Harvard with 'dozens' of workers to a volunteers program in New Mexico who use their own equipment.

    Why do we care? Smead Manufacturing Company is our supplier of 100% acid free manila folders.

    Even more important to the archivist and every one concerned with
    preserving valuable documents are acid free folders treated with Anti Microbial Product Protection. This inorganic silver based treatment protects against mold and mildew
    Letter and legal size folders are standard. As are both end and top tab styles.

    Made to order treated index sheets and fastener file backs are available.  Call or drop us a note to talk about your concerns and get prices.

    Thanks for reading. Please check us out at Sahler.com.

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  • Panel to Study Safety of Electronic Medical Records

    Posted on December 14, 2010 by Dick

    From the New York Times
    Published: December 13, 2010

    Important article about Electronic Medical Records concerns from the Ny Times.  Almost two years ago, President Obama pledged $19 billion in stimulus incentives to help convert the nation’s doctors and hospitals to using a paperless system of electronic health records intended to improve the quality of care and reduce costs. But the conversion is still a slow work in progress. Only about one in four doctors, mostly in large group practices, is using the electronic record system. A vast majority of physicians in small offices, the doctors who serve most Americans, still track patients’ illnesses and other problems with pen and paper. Read the whole story.

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  • Year and Special Labels and Bands

    Posted on September 20, 2010 by Dick

    Hard to believe but 2011 is coming. It is that time of year to be sure that you have 2011 labels on hand.

    Year  labels.

    While you are here check out the selection of specialty labels for medical charts.

    Allergy Warning

    Insurance Information

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  • Label Printing Service.

    Posted on August 8, 2010 by Dick

    Color coded file folder strip labels printed. Printed labels delivered as printed or applied to new folders or pockets.

    Short turnaround times.

    Colors match any popular series. Formats to match all industry* standards or designed to match the specific requirement.

    Bar codes printed at no extra cost based on any part of the data base and sized for best readability.

    *Tab, Smead, Barkley, IFC, Ames, Jeter.

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  • What is 'terminal digit' filing and why is it used.

    Posted on June 18, 2010 by Dick

    Terminal digit filing is the filing of all files ending in the same last two digits in one section, forming 100 distinct file groups (00 through 99) in any given file number situation. The use of terminal digit filing is usually seen in large file areas: hospitals, insurance companies, government, banking, etc.

    It speeds up retrieval time and reduces refile time by segregating files into groups of 00 through 99 (example #12345) terminal digits (45), middle digits (23 within the 45 section) and tertiary digits (01within the 23 section). If numbers are longer than six digits, the rest of the number is filed in order inside the tertiary digit sections

    For example, file 12345 (01-23-45) would be filed in the 45 section next to file 2345 (00-23-45). File 12346 (01-23-46) which would normally be put next to 12345, would be filed in the 46 section (then in the 23 section, then 01 within 23 section). Note the misfile - two files in the 45 section between subsections 21 and 22 that should be in the middle digit section 24 (file numbers larger than six digits can also be filed in terminal digit order).

    The major advantage of terminal digit filing is that the file grows equally in 100 places as well as shrinking equally in the same 100 places with the retirement of older files, forming an equal growth pattern in the file. File  shifting to make room for new numbers is eliminated.

    Color coding labels really make misfiles stand out. You can find individual numeric and alphabetic labels here and color bar strip labels here. Color bar labels are printed with Smead software that is available $3,600 to zero for the new Express version. Printed labels based on the customer's list  can be shipped in bulk or attached to new folders ready to use.

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  • Too Much Too Soon? Electronic Medical Record Effort Gets Pushback

    Posted on May 18, 2010 by Dick

    By Katherine Hobson

    Now, faster access to the different topics, lab, progress notes, insurance, cardio,consulting, and what ever is important in your practice can be had for a few dollars per patient at Sahler.com. There you will find experience with medical records, good service, and very competitive prices.

    A current article in the WSJ quotes Politico.

    The Wall Street Journal Reports. The Obama administration’s plan for implementing electronic medical records is getting some pushback. Health-industry groups including the AMA and American Hospital Association are calling the digitization requirements “too much, too soon,” Politico reports.

    At issue are the grants available under the stimulus bill to doctors and hospitals showing “meaningful use” of electronic health records. Early signs are that meeting that “meaningful use” standard will be tough, with about 24 requirements by 2011, Politico says. (A final rule is expected this month.)

    It’s tough for doctors’ offices and hospitals to fully digitize their operations in that short period, and not clear that early returns on systems allowing such things as digitally transmitted prescriptions or patient access to electronic records will show gains in either costs or quality of care, Politico says. Suggestions include pushing back the deadline or, as one HHS official says, a partial credit system.

    While a rapid conversion to electronic records has its fans, there are plenty of doctors, hospitals and policymakers sounding cautionary notes, particularly about that “rapid” part. There are technical and patient privacy issues, large up-front investments that may only pay off down the line, and questions from physicians about how it will affect their relationships with patients.

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  • Nine Styles of Antimicrobial

    Posted on April 30, 2010 by Dick

    Avoid harmful microbes today and in the future. Reduce the spread of virus and bacteria. Reduce damage to contents caused by mold and mildew and acid. Choose from nine different models of  acid free folders and jackets all treated with an inorganic compound of silver.

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