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  • TekStak Secure Storage for Laptops and other Electronics by Datum

    Posted on March 27, 2011 by admin

    The newest product in Datum’s Computer Security line is the TekStak™. This unit is designed to store, secure, and even charge laptops and other electronic devices. Designed for individual use, or to be combined with other TekStak™ tiers to create a tower that can be used wherever individual storage for many people is required.

    • Optional electric gives the TekStak™ 2 outlets per tier, allowing for charging a laptop and other electronics, such as a cell phone, at the same time.
    • Electric TekStaks™ can be stacked 5 or 10 units high while non-electric ones can be stacked 5 to 12 units high.
    • Locking door keeps items secure. Key, hasp, or electronic lock options available.
    • Ventilation pattern provides maximum air fow for cooling while still keeping even smaller items safely locked inside.
    • Optional laminate top is available to create a convenient work surface.
    • Optional drawer base for peripheral storage.
    • Available in 19 standard colors to match any decor.

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