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ClickStrip & ColorBar Labels

ClickStrip & ColorBar Labels

Design and Print File Labels and Folders On-Demand with Your PC and Color Printer

ColorBar give you unmatched power to:

  • Print all information and color codes on one easy-to-apply label strip.
  • Create alphabetic, numeric, or custom indexed filing systems.
  • Integrate ColorBar labeled folders with your existing files with perfect color match.
  • Design a sophisticated filing system specifically for your organization.
  • Generate new labels automatically with information from your host database or keyboard.

Ensure that your filing system has consistent color coding and readable bar codes by only using ColorBar supplies. All ColorBar labels undergo extensive testing to make sure they conform to our strict standards for print quality, adhesive integrity and product durability.

ColorBar Waterguard and Bright White labels come in a variety of sizes for use on ink jet or color laser printers. Protective laminates keep labels from smudging or peeling. Design-a-sheet labels give you the flexibility to achieve maximum efficiency with your filing system.

Advantages of Smead Labels

There are many reasons, but the most important is that we have been manufacturing paper and manila file folders and labels since 1906 -- and we know what to look for.

ColorBar Sheet Label Stock

ColorBar sheet labels meet our highest quality standards ensuring exact color matching and longevity resulting in substantial reductions in label replacement costs over time.

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